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Sleep. Or Not.

Somewhere along the line I must have ticked off the reserve gods because despite my request for “late, last out”, meaning I get wanted a late reserve time slot and to be the last person they called for a trip in that time slot, I ended up with 5am hot reserve this morning. I found out about it yesterday at about 3pm when I checked my schedule, although it wasn’t official until I called scheduling at 8pm. All afternoon I had a somewhat optimistic hope that maybe, just maybe by the time I called something would have changed and I wouldn’t have to be getting up at 4am.

Of course that didn’t happen so I spent a quick 30 minutes ironing a shirt and packing a bag for a potential 4 days on the road. After that I finished up some stuff on the computer and by 10:15 I was in bed. Over the past month I have been working late reserve blocks so my sleep schedule has been moved back to about going to bed at 1am and waking up at 9:30am. So shutting my eyes at 10:15 was pretty much useless. I fought it for about an hour and I eventually fell asleep, although I do remember the clock reading 11:30 at one point before I dozed off. And, as is my habit when I have an early alarm set I woke up well before it. About an hour and twenty minutes before it. Somehow I managed to sort of pretend to sleep until about 3:30 when I surrendered and got up and into the shower.

An hour later I was driving down mostly deserted streets until I got on the highway were the early Monday morning traffic picked up. Even with that, it was still dark when I parked at the airport and headed inside to begin what very well could be a 10 hour sit of complete boredom.

And that’s how it played out. The FO who was sitting hot reserve got called out before he even showed up so it was just the FA and I for the day. By 6:30am I had managed to do all by manual updates as well as repair a bunch of approach plates that had ripped holes. I turned on my computer at 7am and started in on the daily blog and forum reading and then got some work done on the monthly union newsletter. There was a brief rush of people at 8:30 as a couple of flights went out at about the same time. Another hour or so of boredom and then another crew showed up but was stuck for about an hour while MX worked on the landing gear of their plane. They eventually fixed the problem and they headed off to Philly.

After that it was quiet again until noon when the FA announced we were 70% done, and I headed down to get some pizza for lunch. The pizza was nasty but at least it was edible. Shortly there after a crew came in from Charlotte to wait out their two hour sit before heading to DC to sit for three hours before heading back to Dayton and finishing their 4 day trip. What a waste. By the time they headed out the door it was 2:45 and packed up my stuff and started walking out to my car. Up until now, minus a 10 minute stretch around 6am, I’d been pretty awake. However, the drive home was awful as I could barely keep my eyes open. By the time I got home I was almost stumbling up the stairs. After getting out of the monkey suit I laid down on my bed for a few minutes but realized if I went to sleep it would be for a bunch of hours and I’d never get back to sleep tonight.

So instead I forced myself up and paid some bills. After that a piece of apple pie (mmmm) gave me a bit more energy. And here it is 8:15, and I’m not really that tired. Hopefully I will be by about 10:30 as I’ve got 5am reserve tomorrow again. At least it’s regular reserve so if they don’t use me I can sleep in. Here’s hoping.

Good thing…

It’s a good thing the chair that sits in front of my desk is comfortable. I’ve been doing a lot of sitting in it. I’ve got another 59 minutes of reserve left tonight, which means, I’m done for the evening (1:30 call out means I couldn’t even get to the airport before I turn into a pumpkin, let alone actually go fly somewhere). Today is day 5 of 6 and so far I haven’t done anything. Tomorrow looks like more of the same.

It’s going to be a slow month.

The Waiting

Today is day 2 of six on reserve. So far days one and two have consisted of sitting around doing nothing. Oh, I did go grocery shopping and made an 8X10 print of one of the pictures from Alaska. The problem with reserve is that I have about a 30 minute leash attached between me and my apartment, meaning it takes me 30 minutes to get completely packed (I keep my bag almost ready to go) dressed and out the door and then 30 minutes to get to the airport. That hour of leaves me only 30 minutes of my 1:30 left to play with. Even going grocery shopping can be a trick as it can easily take 20 minutes to get to the front and check out. It’s sort of like (to a much lesser extent) how when I was growing up my dad carried a pager radio when he was an on call fire fighter.

The good news is there is something on my schedule for tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get to fly some.

Back In Black

Ok, so back in Phoenix, not black. Either way, I flew back in last night via Philly. My flight into PHL was on a 737 that could have used a paint job. The flight out to PHX was aboard a A320 EOW. No idea what the EOW is. I’m guessing it is an extended range version maybe? Who knows. I think it would have to be as the flight time was just over 4.5 hours. Thank god for exit row seating.

Now that I’m back out here I am out of things to do until Saturday. Grr. I’m just hoping I get a call from an airline soon.

I only took two pictures from the trip. They didn’t even come out that good. Dirty glass I guess.

Sitting… Waiting

A slight (ok, a long) break in my day has allowed me to sit at the desk here and do nothing. Sort of exciting. I even managed to get my hair cut. Nice. I’ve got two flights later, both down to Tucson. Couple that with the one I did yesterday and I should about have the route memorized.

Still no word on the whole airline thing. Everyday I guess I end up with more hours so that is good. Maybe I’ll hear something soon.

Sitting Here… Or There

I decided that I need to put more thought in my posts. so LINKS are making a come back. . Oh Yeah! No really… they are.

One of my two career pilots is taking his some of his written tests right now. Which leaves me sitting here and proctoring. Fun Fun. On the plus side it gives me time to catch up on ALMOST ended up going into a computer type field. But I didn’t. I ended up sitting at a desk looking at tech sort of stuff instead. Funny, it is sort of like the same thing.

Anyhow, one of the things I was reading was that Firefox has come out with a new security update (actually, it just looks like a new version of the software) to thwart people from using non standard non latin characters to spoof websites. Wow. Anyhow, I am going to stop before I ramble away here.