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The Big 1K

When I was logging the last trip I did I realized I hit 1000 hours on Thursday. Looking at the actual legs times it looks like I crossed the great divide while waiting for some PHL rampers to walk over and get the plane to the gate. There’s some irony huh? It doesn’t feel much different being on the other side. I guess the next big one is 1500 so I can get my ATP and actually be qualified for the other seat (in pure hours, not experience!)

I got off of a 4 day on Thursday night. It wasn’t a bad trip over all, except we had 5am shows every day. A little on the early side for me, but at least two of the days we were done before 3pm. Trip highlight? The Mount Vernon Visual into DCA with a circle to 33. Nothing like yanking and banking at ref plus 10 at 300 AGL. It was actually a nice landing too which is always an added benefit. I undid any feeling of accomplishment I may have had by completly botching the last landing of the trip back into Dayton. I’ll blame it on the fact I was tired. Yeah, that’s it.

I spent about 4 hours yesterday getting my license, plates and title switched to OH. I guess I am really a resident of OH now. Good stuff. Or not. The process sucks. I had to go to the BMV and get an out of state inspections (where they charge you $3.50 to verify your VIN. Then I had to drive 15 minutes to an Echeck station for the emissions checking. No problem except they don’t take plastic so I had to go back home to get my checkbook. Back to Echeck and then back to the Title Office next to the BMV to switch the title to an OH one. Then I went back to the testing center in BMV to take the written test. You need 30/40 to pass. I was happy to only have to see 30 questions to finish it. (What color is a caution sign in a construction area? Hmmm.) Took a quick vision test and then went and stood in line for about an hour to hand in my MA license and the results of the written test. Fortunately they also took the title and the echeck there as well so I didn’t have to go into another line. So, after 4 hours I had a new license (which is good because the picture on my other one is from my learner’s permit when I was 16) and two new plates. I’ve got to go put them on the jeep today and then Fedex the Mass plates to my old insurance company so they will cancel my old policy. What a hassle.

I’m catching a 4:55 flight down to CLT to pick up a trip tonight. It’s open time so it is in addition to my monthly hours. A quick flight to Memphis, a long overnight and then a return to CLT. I should be back in Dayton by 9:00 tomorrow night. We’ll see.

Two pictures from my last trip

>Power Plant near Charlie West.

Downtown New York on the way to Burlington.